Xeromphalina kauffmanii
TRICHOLOMATACEAE (Tricholomataceae)

A tiny mushroom ranging in size from 1/5 to 1 inch wide. It is convex to broadly convex or flat overall, but with a deep central depression; smooth; lined or pleated on the margin; The color ranges from brownish yellow, rusty, or yellowish. It is paler towards the margin and the color may fade. The gills run down the stem. There are many cross-veins and they are pale yellow in color. The stalk is very short, yellow in color and rather wiry.

This tiny mushroom grows in dense clusters (sometimes by the hundreds!) on stumps and logs of hardwood trees. It is commonly found in Fontenelle Forest in the spring and summer in the wet hollows.

The very similar X. campanella is found on dead conifer trees. Members of this genus have many cross veins in the gills.

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