Shaggy Mane

Coprinus comatus
INKY CAP FAMILY (Coprinaceae)

The cap of this mushroom is up to 6 inches tall. It usually develops a white or tan cap which is cylindrical (Photo C), and later bell-shaped, with large, shaggy scales (A). The cap turns black at maturity and liquifiesy (deliquesces)(D). Compare these, more fibrous scales with those of the similar C. quadrifinus. The gills are free or nearly so, very crowded, white but becoming black and inky (B). It has a partial veil leaving a ring on the lower part of the stalk. The stalk is 2 ½ to 8 inches long.

This mushroom grows alone or in small groups. It is common in spring and fall on wood chips and waste ground, mostly on the flood plains. Some of the images shown here were taken on wood chips in the flood plain parking lot of Fontenelle Forest. It fruits singly or in large groups.

This mushroom is also common on people’s lawns.

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