Datana angusii

The Angus’ Datana has a wingspan of about 1.75 inches and a total length of one inch. The fuzzy thorax is a darker chestnut brown than other Datana moths. The forewing is coppery brown with parallel black lines. Sometimes a dark orbicular spot is present. There is a faint blackish, slanted line between the Postmedial line and the Terminal line. The outer margin is slightly scalloped. The hind wings are a plain tan color. The caterpillar is black with narrow white stripes and whitish hairs. The head capsule is black.

The frequency of occurrence at Fontenelle Forest and Neale Woods is not known. It has been photographed at Fontenelle Forest in early July 2014 and 2015, mid-June 2013 and late June 2012. There is probably one generation a year.

The larvae eat the leaves of deciduous trees including butternut, hickory and walnut (Juglandaceae).

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