We've identified 39 species of trees currently growing in Fontenelle Forest and Neale Woods. They include a few planted varieties. For the purpose of this web site, trees usually have a single, thick trunk. Shrubs are smaller and usually have multiple trunks. To help in searching for the right tree, they are divided here by the shape and arrangement of their leaves and leaflets.

A generation ago, land management philosophy was based on letting nature take its course without interference from man. In recent years that concept has evolved. The Fontenelle Forest now not only protects, but also restores and recreates native plant habitat within our two nature centers. Because some tree species cannot naturally reproduce anymore in our mature forests, some clearing and planting has been undertaken, to try to restore the “Oak-Hickory Savanna”, which was present before the Settlers arrived. Bur Oaks and other sapling species have recently been planted, as well as some other species like American Elms, whose native stands are being decimated by disease.

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