The fungi in Fontenelle Forest and Neale Woods have been classified into ten categories that take into account easily observable characteristics such as the presence of caps, gills, pores and general shape. We have avoided a strictly biological classification because that would involve the use of a microscope and certain chemicals. Lichens, which are usually classified under fungi, their main component, are not shown here; we included them under Other Plants. Occasionally it may be necessary to look underneath the cap to see the presence of gills or pores. On occasion a fungus may fit into more than one category, at least to the naked eye. In that case we classified the fungus into more than one category. We also want to remind people that it is prohibited to pick any mushroom on Fontenelle Nature Center property. In addition it is important to remember that no mushroom should be eaten unless it can be positively identified. Many edible mushrooms closely resemble poisonous ones.