Spiders, Ticks & Mites

Spiders, Ticks and Mites all belong to the class Arachnida. This class also includes Harvestmen (Daddy long-legs), which we included under Spiders. There are hundreds of thousands of Arachnids, the most numerous of all being the Mites, followed by the Spiders. All Arachnids have eight legs, and their bodies are made up of two sections. All require liquid nourishment. Some like the spiders, inject juices which liquify their prey’s tissues to be able to suck them out.

We have been able to photograph a good selection of Spiders at our two Nature Centers. On the other hand, there are but a few Tick species known to exist here. And there are probably many species of Mites present, but most are too small to be noticed and able to be identified by eye.

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