To help search for a spider of interest, we have divided them into twelve categories here, with one for Other Spiders, where we include the Harvestmen, not true spiders, but closely related. The Orb Weavers usually build circular, elevated webs. The Funnel-web Spiders build dense webs near the ground with a funnel-like opening for the spider. Crab Spiders have two pairs of long front legs, spread apart and sitting in or near flowers to stalk their prey. The Jumping Spiders are small, with short legs and two large eyes with excellent eyesight. The Sheetweb Spiders are small; they build intricate webs the shape of bowls or domes. The Longjawed Orbweavers have long front legs and often sit stretched out and very skinny on a twig. The Nursery Web Spiders are large, have long legs and live near water, where they hunt in or near water. Wolf Spiders hunt alone, usually at night. They are identified by the arrangement of their eyes. Running Crab Spiders are similar to crab spiders, but they have different lengths of legs.

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