Schizura leptinoides

The Black-blotched Schizura has a wingspan of about 1.25 to 1.75 inches. The forewing is gray with tiny white dots. The reniform spot is a black crescent within a black blotch. There is a prominent black basal dash. The hindwing is dirty white in the male and gray on the female. The larva is dark brown with a forward projecting horn on abdominal segment 1, a hump on A5 and a light brown V over abdominal segments 6 & 7.

The frequency of occurrence in this area is not known. The moth was photographed at Fontenelle Forest Nature Center in early June 2015. A caterpillar was photographed in Fontenelle Forest in mid-August 2011. Adults fly from April to September. It ranges in all of the eastern US with scattered locations in the west.

The larvae feed mostly on the leaves of walnut and hickory but also apple, birch, oak and poplar.

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