Humaria Hemisphaerica
PYRONEMATACEAE (Pyronemataceae)

This mushroom is goblet shaped when young, becoming more broadly cup-shaped and reaching widths of a little over one inch when mature. The upper surface is white or pale bluish, fairly smooth while the undersurface is densely hairy with prominent hairs that extend above the margin of the cup. There is no stem

It is found on well-decayed wood or on the ground; growing alone or in groups. It is present in the summer and fall. It is widely distributed in North America but seems uncommon in Fontenelle Forest. This one was photographed near the entrance to Signal Ridge Trail on a North facing slope.

Most other “eyelash cups” are either brightly colored, or are smaller. It is also known as hairy fairy cap mushroom.This species is readily identified by its deep cup shape, white inside and outer covering of stiff, brown hairs.

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