This page is a gateway to a great diversity of other plant groupings. The Ferns do not produce flowers or seeds. The Horsetails don’t produce flowers or seeds either; they reproduce via spores. The Duckweeds are found on the surface of standing or slow-moving water. They are very small, but produce tiny, primitive flowers and seeds. Under Other Aquatics we include several larger plants which may be seen from shore, floating on or below water. There are many species of Mosses in our two nature centers, but only a few of them can be identified by sight. A selection of other mosses photographed but not able to be identified is also provided. Several species of Liverwort have so far been found and photographed. The Lichens are a combination of fungi and algae. They are usually classified under Fungi, but included here for convenience. A few can be identified by sight. Rounding out this diverse collection of plants, a few images of Green Algae are included, since they may also be encountered in or near water. Although not strictly plants, they are included under the Other Plants here because they are green (chlorophyl) and look like plants.