Cynanchum laeve
MILKWEED FAMILY (Asclepiadaceae)

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This native perennial vine has leaves which are heart-shaped and opposite on the vine (A). The small white or cream colored flowers grow in clusters from the leaf axils (B). The fruit is a spindle-shaped seed pod similar to those of other milkweed species (C); they mature by September. The seeds are attached to tufts of hair which aid in their dispersal by wind. Identified by the unusually shaped, white or cream flowers, seed pods on a vine, and unlike other milkweeds, the lack of milky juice in the stems.

Along roadsides and forest edges flowering in July and August. In Fontenelle Forest uncommon, draped over shrubs and mall trees for instance along Camp Gifford Road. Uncommon along River Road in Neale Woods.

This plant is considered a weed in Nebraska.

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