Galerina autumnalis
CORT FAMILY (Cortinariaceae)

The cap is small, about 1.5-2.5 inches wide. It is sticky when moist, dark brown to brownish yellow as it dries. The gills are attached to the top of the stalk. The gills are yellow becoming rust in color (B). It has a ring on the brownish stalk (a remnant of the partial veil). The stalk is 1-4 inches long.

It is rarely seen in Fontenelle Forest. When seen it is found singly or in small clusters on rotted wood. It is present from October to November and May to June

This mushroom is highly toxic and may be fatal if eaten. It contains amatoxins which make it very dangerous. These toxins are similar to the ones in the Amanita mushrooms. Symptoms typically occur 10 or more hours after ingestion and are vomiting and diarrhea, cramps, then a short remission followed by kidney and or liver dysfunction or failure, coma and death. This mushroom may be confused with the Honey mushroom and the velvet foot. It is one of a few very common, harmless looking little brown mushrooms that are deadly.It is also known as autumn skullcap

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