Nerice bidentata

The Double-toothed Prominent has a wingspan of approximately 1.5 to 2 inches. The forewing is grayish on the lower half and light to dark brown on the upper half. There is variable white edging along the toothed band. The hindwing is brown becoming darker towards the margin. The larva is green with darker green angled stripes. The head is shiny dark green with chalky white marks. It has double-toothed abdominal humps which distinguish it from all other caterpillars in North America and resembles the toothed edges of the leaves it feeds on.

The Double-toothed Prominent is probably common in our area. The individual shown here was photographed in early June at Fontenelle Forest. Adults fly from May to August.

The larvae eat the leaves of Elm trees. The pupa overwinters.

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