Sciaridae sp.

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The Fungus Gnats in photo 2 are about 1/4 to 1/3 inch (6-8 mm) long. The abdomen is creamy white and the thorax and head are black. The wings are clear. The larvae are white, slender and legless with a black head. The skin is smooth and semi transparent. The Fungus Gnat in photo 1 is a different species but in the same family. It is about the same size but has a more slender abdomen. The larva of this species is as described above. The flies were identified by a volunteer expert on the BugGuide website.


The frequency of occurrence at Fontenelle Forest and Neale Woods is not known, but they are probably common. The Fungus Gnats in photo 2 were photographed in late May 2013 on Cottonwood Trail. They were found in a rotten log.


Another name for these flies is Mushroom Flies. There are 150 species in 20 genera in North America. The adults are usually found on foliage. The larvae are found on fungi, rotten wood and under bark. Several species live only in caves. In moist, shady areas up to 70% of all fly (Diptera) species can be Sciaridae according to BugGuide.


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