Hyperaeschra georgica

The Georgian Prominent moth has a wingspan of about 1.5 inches. The forewing is tan to brown with black lines. The antemedian and postmedian lines are black and lined with white. There are short black streaks in the subterminal area near the costa and near the anal angle. The hindwing is white in the male and gray in the female. A tuft of black hair-like scales projects upward midway along the inner margin. The tibias on the front legs have large tan hair-like tufts. The caterpillar is pale green with a conspicuous yellowish spiracular stripe often edged with red. The body below the spiracular stripe is bright green with an elongate maroon spot on most segments. On the top of the 8th abdominal segment there is a small red knob. The caterpillar grows to 1 5/8 inches.

The frequency of occurrence in this area is not known. It was photographed on June 1st at Fontenelle Forest Nature Center. It ranges from New Brunswick to Florida, west to eastern California, north to Manitoba. Adults fly from May to July.

The larva feeds on the leaves of oak. The pupa overwinters.

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