Viburnum opulus

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This bushy shrub grows up to 15 feet tall (A). The 3-5 inch leaf blades have 3 lobes (E). There are two types of flowers, arranges in flat clusters (cymes) about 5 inches across. The large, white 5-lobed flowers on the margins are sterile. The smaller, cream-colored flowers in the middle are fertile (B); they later produce bright red fruit which ripens in August (C). Winter twigs have opposite, greenish buds (D).

Grows in moist woodlands, flowering in May. In Fontenelle Forest, rare; several shrubs, possibly planted some time ago, seem to flourish near the entrance to Mill Hollow.

The somewhat similar Common Elderberry (Sambucus canadensis) also has flat white flower clusters, but only one type of flower.


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