Nemotelus kansensis
SOLDIER FLY FAMILY (Stratiomyidae)

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A small soldier fly about 1/4 inch (5 mm) long. The individual shown is a female. She is black overall with white triangles in the center of the abdomen, a white border on the abdomen and white halteres. Wings are clear. Large eyes, pointed face and long proboscis. Males and females are dimorphic with the male showing a white abdomen.


The larvae of this soldier fly are aquatic. There is insufficient information to suggest how common this fly is in this area. It was photographed during an insect survey in Fontenelle Forest.


There are more than 250 species in the soldier fly family and about 40 species in the subfamily Nemotelinae. The larvae of almost all species in the soldier fly family (Stratiomyidae) are aquatic.


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