Leaf Miner Fly Sp.
LEAF MINER FLIES (Agromyzidae)

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This tiny fly is approximately 1/4 inch (6 mm) long. The thorax and abdomen are black. The eyes are dark red. The face is a tan color. The short antennae are also a tan color. The wings are clear with iridescence. This fly was identified by Dr. Matthias Buck, an editor at the BugGuide website.


The frequency of occurrence at Fontenelle Forest and Neale Woods is not known. The individual shown here was photographed on May 9, 2013 on a young Swamp White Oak leaf outside of the Fontenelle Forest Nature Center.


Most of the larvae are leaf miners, though some are stem or seed borers. Most species are more easily recognized by their mines than by the insects. There are 640 species in 19 genera in North America.


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