Ellida caniplaga

The Linden Prominent Moth has a wingspan of approximately 1.5 inches. The forewing is pale gray with 3 black lines in the middle near the costa. The reniform spot is a black crescent surrounded by white. The hindwing is plain tan. The thorax has 2 black crossbands. The larva is extremely variable and can be green, yellow or entirely red. The head is yellow and always has 2 black spots on the top. There is a low hump over the 8th abdominal segment. The mature caterpillar grows to 1.5 inches long.

The frequency of occurrence is not known. The individual shown here was photographed at Fontenelle Forest Nature Center in late June.

The larval foodplant is Basswood (Linden). The larva rests on the underside of a leaf blade. When disturbed lt raises its head and displays its black mandibles. The pupa overwinters.

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