Meadow Slug

Meadow Slug

Deoceras sp.

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The slug shown in image 1 was identified to genus with the help of Mark Hitchcox, an expert with the US Department of Agriculture. Identification to species requires dissection of the slug, but it is most likely a Deoceras laeve (Meadow Slug). It was about one inch (25 mm) long. The structure on the top and front part of the snail is called its mantle. Note the pattern on the back half of this mantle, It is called a “fingerprint” and helps to identify this genus.

Slugs are seldom seen in our two nature enters. Photo 1 was taken at the end of October in Fontenelle Forest. Photo 2 was taken in late May.  Slugs are common in this area.

The slugs are included here under Snails. Both are Gastropods.

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