Mustela vison

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This member of the weasel family grows up to 24 inches long and attains a weight of about three pounds, with the males usually larger than the females. Their lifespan in the wild is only a few years. Its dense brown fur with a white chin patch (images 2,3) is highly prized by trappers. The Mink is a ferocious hunter, both on land and in water. They are constantly in motion and lightning fast in their attacks. They build a den near water underground or in a dead log.

Mink sightings are uncommon, although they are known to live along the Great Marsh and Stream Trail in Fontenelle Forest. There are no recent reports of Mink at Neale Woods, but we assume they occur on the floodplain there, as well as along Rock Creek. Mink do not hibernate; they can often be seen near water and ice in winter, when they stand out against the snow cover.

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