Coprinus radians
INKY CAP FAMILY (Coprinaceae)

This inky cap mushroom grows on an orange mat called “ozonium” (A). This mat is actually the mycelium, which normally grows inside the wood bark or the ground. Photo C shows a good view of this mat. The pure white stalk is up to 4 inches long. The tan to gray cap is covered with shiny granules when fresh, but it eventually turns black and liquifies like the other inky caps (deliquesces)(B). The cap is ¾-1¼ inch wide and is egg shaped becoming conical or bell shaped. The gills are attached or nearly free, white becoming brown then black and inky.

It is found primarily in summer in upland woods and ravines on fallen hardwood.However, in Fontenelle Forest it is uncommon, mainly being seen in the hollows and on Hackberry trail near the nature center.

This mushroom is one of a handful of household mushrooms that crop up where wood has become wet.

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