Toxicodendron radicans
CASHEW FAMILY (Anacardiaceae)

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This native woody vine climbs tall trees or scrambles along the ground (A,B). Its vines may be smooth or have aerial roots (A,D). Mature vines may reach 5 inches in diameter. The leaves have three pointed leaflets attached to stalks of variable length. The flowers, green with orange stamens, are arranged in clusters (thyrse) (C). The small fruit is spherical and gray. By October the leaves turn orange or wine-red (E).

Grows in upland and floodplain woods, flowering in May and June. In Fontenelle Forest, common as a vine on Hidden Lake Trail. At Neale Woods, common on River Trail.

All parts of this plant may produce a severe contact allergy. Leaflets of three – let it be!!!

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