Schizura concinna

The Red-humped Caterpillar Moth has a wingspan of approximately 1.50 inches. The forewing is grayish-brown with pinkish shading in the median area. There is a small black reniform spot. The hindwing of the male is white and dark gray on the female. The caterpillar has a bright red head and a red hump over abdominal segment 1. Striping is variable but includes black, yellow and white fine stripes. It grows to 1.50 inches.

The frequency of occurrence in this area is not known. Photo A was taken at Fontenelle Forest in mid-June 2015 and photo B is from Neale Woods mid-June 2017. Adults fly from March to Sept., but they are uncommonly seen.

The larvae eat the leaves of a variety of trees and shrubs including apple, elm, hickory, walnut and willow. The caterpillars feed in groups of several dozen individuals until near maturity when they become solitary. The prepupal larva overwinters.

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