Vitis riparia

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This native woody vine climbs over shrubs and trees up to 80 feet high. Young branches are usually reddish. The tendrils are opposite on the stem to course-toothed leaves, which are about as wide as they are long (A). The elongated flower clusters (thyrse) (B) produce crowded bunches of purple grapes with a powdery, white “bloom” by late July (C). The bark of the mature vine has loose, ropy shreds (D). The similar Porcelain Berry (Ampelopsis cordata) blooms and climbs over the same hosts a little later in spring. It’s mature vine lacks the ropy shreds; its fruit is a cluster of orange-pink to turquoise-blue berries.

Grows on floodplain woodlands, near water. In Fontenelle Forest, common on Stream Trail. At Neale Woods, common around the CJIC.

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