Coprinus quadrifinus
INKY CAP FAMILY (Coprinaceae)

The fruiting bodies of this mushroom appear in large clusters on decaying hardwood logs Photo A). The cap first appears white, ovoid and smooth. Then it becomes bell-shaped, up to 2 inches across, developing stretch marks, which finally tear to form large, tan or gray felt like patchy scales (Photos B and D). At maturity the cap’s edge turns up revealing gills that turn into a black, inky slime (deliquesce)(C).

It is common in Fontenelle Forest from May to July, mostly on flood plains and ravines but in other places also. It is often found on hardwood debris especially ash and elm.

In some large family clusters,all growth phases may be represented, from the emerging, to the decaying.It is also known as feltscale inky cap.

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