Hedriodiscus binotatus
SOLDIER FLY FAMILY (Stratiomyidae)

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A black and yellow fly about 1/2 inch (12 mm) long. Legs are brown and yellow, thorax black with two yellow spots, abdomen with black and yellow banding. Wings are clear and folded scissor-like over the abdomen when at rest. Head is large with large brown eyes.


This soldier fly is widespread and found coast to coast in North America. It is considered to be common in eastern Nebraska. Soldier flies are much more numerous and diverse in the neotropics.


There are eight species in the genus Hedriodiscus. All the species in the genus are similar in appearance and difficult to identify. No recent work has been done on the taxonomy of soldier flies. The aquatic larvae feed on algae, decaying organic matter or on other aquatic organisms.


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