Datana perspicua

The Spotted Datana has a wingspan of 1.75 to 2.25 inches. The forewing is golden yellow with a conspicuous small, brown obicular and a larger brown reniform spot. It usually has thin, brown lines including an apical dash. The hindwing is plain yellow. The head and face are covered in rust-colored “fuzz.” The larva has bright red and yellow stripes and fine, yellow hairs. The head capsule is black. It grows to 1.75 inches long.

The frequency of occurrence of this moth is not known. The adult has been photographed at Fontenelle Forest Nature Center in June and July 2012. The caterpillars were photographed at Neale Woods in early July 2013.

The larval foodplant is sumac and smoketree. The larvae feed together in groups on the leaves. The larva spends the winter in hibernation, then pupates usually in a cell in the soil.

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