Volvariella bombycina

This is a large white to yellow tinged mushroom (Photo A). It has a smooth stalk and a large sac like cup around the base of the stem (The cup is best seen in photos B and C). It is sunk in wood. The cap is 2-12 inches wide. It is at first egg shaped but becomes bell-shaped to convex and is covered with silky hairs. The flesh is thin, soft and white. The gills are free. They are white but become pinkish. The stalk is 2 ½-8 inches long. The cup is formed from the universal veil present in this mushroom.

It is found from July to October as a solitary mushroom in wounds on hardwood trees and on stumps and logs. It is especially seen on oaks, maples and elm trees either dead or living. It is probably uncommon in Fontenelle Forest but has been seen on the floodplain on Hidden Lake Trail and off the boardwalk leading to the marsh.

This fungus projects out of wounds in trees. It is not common but is easily identified when found.

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