(Smerinthus jamaicensis)
SPHINX MOTHS (Sphingidae)

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The Twin-spotted Sphinx moth has a wingspan of 2.75 inches (50-70 mm). The male’s forewings are gray with black and white markings. The female’s forewing is uellowish-brown with white markings. The hindwings are mostly reddish with a pale yellow border. There is a large blue spot near the anal angle divided by a black bar, giving the appearance of two blue spots. The body of the caterpillar has a granular texture and is pale yellow or bluish green with cream-colored & occasionally red markings. The head is triangular, light green with a cream-colored band. The bluish or black caudal horn is nearly straight and extends beyond the rump.


This moth has been photographed in Fontenelle Forest once in June of 2018. It ranges throughout North America except for the southwestern U.S. They inhabit various brushy and forested habitats.


The larvae feed on the leaves of apple, ash, birch, elm, plum and willow trees. Adults do not feed. Adults are nocturnal and come to lights. They fly from June to August.


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