Ellisia nyctelea
BORAGE FAMILY (Boraginaceae)


  • Flowering time - April, May, June
  • Common in woodlands, openings, trail edges
  • Small, bell-shaped tubular flower with 5 petals and purple spots
  • Deeply divided, lobed leaves
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The hairy, purplish stems (A,B) of Waterpod are up to 16 inches tall, but usually much shorter.  Opposite leaves are deeply divided into 7 or more segments and each segment may have 3-5 lobes (B).  The small, bell-shaped white flowers with 5 rounded petals are borne on stalks arising opposite the junction of the leaf and stem (axil).  Purple lines extend the length of the tube and there are a number of purple spots on the inside of each lobe (C,D).  The star-shaped, 5 lobed green calyx (D) enlarges as the flower matures and a hairy greenish capsule containing 4 seeds develops at its center (F).



Common in woodlands and along trail edges at both Fontenelle Forest and Neale Woods.  Flowering occurs from April to July.

Alternate common names are Aunt Lucy and False Baby Blue Eyes.