Waved Sphinx Moth

Ceratomia undulosa

The Waved Sphinx has a wingspan of approximately 3 to 4.25 inches. The forewing is brownish-gray with contrasting black zigzag lines. The large, white reniform spot is outlined with black. The hindwing is brown with 3 darker brown wavy lines. The caterpillar is yellow-green above to gray-green below with 7 rows of white slanted lines. The last line is broad with a long white horn projecting out past the end of the abdomen. The head has a broad white lateral band. The mature caterpillar grows to approximately 3.50 inches

This is a common moth that flies from spring to fall. It is more active at night, frequently comes to lights and may be seen on walls of buildings in early morning.

The larvae feed on the leaves of ash and lilac. The Waved Sphinx is reportedly the most commonly seen caterpillar of the 6 hornworms that feed on ash.

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