Aesculus glabra
BUCKEYE FAMILY (Hippocastanaceae)

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This tree grows up to 40 feet tall, with a diameter of 1-2 feet. The bark is scaly brown (B). Its palmate leaves emerge early in the season from large buds (C). The yellow flowers are arranged in tall panicles (A,E). The fruit is a spiny capsule, larger than 1 inch in diameter. It holds a brown chestnut (G,H). The only remaining large mature tree in Fontenelle Forest has not borne mature fruit recently, only small ones which soon aborted (F). Another small tree located on Signal Ridge Trail, bore fruit in 2012 (H).

Grows in woodlands and where planted. One mature tree was found and photographed off Walking Club Trail. Another small tree was found on Signal Ridge Trail. A number of small saplings leaf out each year along Riverview Boardwalk (I), but they are usually browsed by deer by late summer.

Also known as Ohio Buckeye.

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