Oligocentria lignicolor

The White-streaked Prominent Moth is about 1 inch long. The forewing is pale gray with white streaks. The reniform spot is a tiny black dot. The hindwing is pale tan and plain except for a gray smudge on the anal angle. The antennae are yellow. The mature caterpillar is very well camouflaged in mottled colors of brown, green and white. The top of abdominal segment 1 has a forward projecting horn. The early instars are yellow and are gregarious in small groups. The caterpillar grows to 1.75 inches. Another name for the larva is Lace-capped Caterpillar.

The frequency of occurrence in this area is not known, but it is probably common. It was photographed on June 11, 2016 at Neale Woods coming to moth lights. It was also photographed at Fontenelle Forest on Sept. 2, 2014. It flies from June to September.

The larval hostplants are oak, chestnut, birch and beech. The species overwinters as a prepupal larva.

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