Datana ministra

The Yellow-necked Caterpillar Moth has a wingspan of 1.75 to 2 inches. It is light brown with dark brown lines that are nearly parallel. The outer margin is deeply scalloped. The orbicular spot is faint or absent. The hindwing is a paler, yellowish brown. The caterpillar is black with 4 yellow stripes down each side and fairly sparse white hairs. The prothoracic plate is orange. The caterpillar grows to 1.75 inches long.

The frequency of occurrence at Fontenelle Forest and Neale Woods is not known. It has been photographed at Fontenelle Forest Nature Center in late June. Adults fly from June to mid-July and are attracted to artificial lights.

The larval food plants are various trees and woody shrubs including apple, oak and willow. The early instars feed in groups and skeletonize leaves.

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