Neoscona crucifera

This large spider grows to 3/4 of an inch (15 mm). It can vary in coloration from tan to chocolate brown. It has a hairy body and multicolored legs, banded black, white and red. These spiders are similar to those in the genus Araneus.

These spiders are common in this area, especially in late summer and fall. They can be found hanging in their large orb webs webs over or beside woodland trails, especially in the ravines. These spiders range throughout eastern North American through the southwest to California and Mexico.

These spiders can weave very large orb webs. At least one author (Kaston 1976) suggests that these spiders build their web at dusk and take the web down at dawn by eating it. There are eight species in the genus Neoscona in North America. Most are distintive and can be identified to species with careful observation.

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